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Barbara J. Soren, Ph.D Education, Independant Consultant am an independent consultant who specializes in working with cultural and community organizations.

As an educator, I have been working with museums and science centres, performing arts organizations, community organizations and health care facilities, and schools since the mid-1970s.

I have become increasingly intrigued with how people grow and learn throughout their lives in a rich and meaningful context. My consulting work, research, and teaching have focused on:

Lifelong learning - how individuals develop and grow throughout their lives. Developing or building audiences across the arts.
The quality of people's experiences in museums, at performing arts events, and during activities community organizations offer and provide. The nature of experiences as users browse websites (e.g., to better understand online experiences in arts, culture, history, health, and science).

My academic background includes a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Toronto, and a Master of Science in Teaching from McMaster University. Both graduate degrees have focused on Arts/Museum Education.

In addition to my consultancy work, I teach in Museum Studies in the Faculty of Information at University of Toronto.


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